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New video release: India Luzia - Telmo Anum feat. Gianne Abbott

MainPosted by Erici Sat, November 12, 2011 11:47:29
Brazilian artist Telmo Anum wrote this beautiful song, based on the Maracatu groove from Pernambuco, Brazil - the origin and heart of Anums music. The video was recorded in Gold Coast, Australia last year and features incredible dancer Gianne Abbott (AUS/BRA). Check video

Musicians: Telmo Anum (BRA) - vocals, guitar, percussion, Erici (SWE) - keys and programming, Kristin Bertilius (SWE) - flutes and Charles Brownsil (BRA) - bass. The initial recordings were made in Australia and later completed in Sweden and Brazil. Anum is currently back in Recife, Brazil to prepare the launch of his new project. I am going there myself in the end of this year!

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