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2010 Flashbacks

MainPosted by Erici Thu, January 06, 2011 19:07:37

2010 has been a exciting year. Brasilicum was launched in New Zealand in February and featured fine artists from Brazil and New Zealand. Alda Rezende (Brazil) sings "That Call" in this live video from Wellington:Brasilicum was also promoted in Hongkong, Australia and Japan. The album is now released in Japan by Diskunion and in India by W.O.A International. It is also put in digital music stores as Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic and the music stream service Spotify. Jussanam Dejah (Iceland/Brazil) and Maria Rylander (Sweden) appeared with Brasilicum at Kalmar City Festival in August :

While in Tokyo I met Japanese Brazilian MPB singer Chie Umezawa , who was currently working on her third album; Flor De Mim. The music was already completed but the art work was still missing. I invited her to Sweden, and a few weeks later, the cover design images was shot in beautiful Öland by Swedish photografer Gustav Karlsson Frost:

A new collaboration with Brazilian artist Telmo Anum in Goldcoast, Australia, resulted in new recordings and videos. Our first music video; "C'est l'amour" was released on Christmas Day. The song also features Australian co-writer and singer Neda Rahmani:

Let´s wish for that 2011 will be as exciting and joyful as 2010. Thank you for the past year and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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