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From Abbey Road to Itunes

MainPosted by Erici Tue, November 16, 2010 23:54:34

After years of disputes Apple has now finally agreed with the EMI label to have the Beatles songs available for download in Itunes Store. Last year the Beatles sold 3,3 million albums in US alone, and was the third best selling group. This is remarkable as the band broke up 39 years ago! Itunes Store is one of the most popular digital music stores but has not yet been able to offer the Beatles music. Apple, who runs the store, has been processed by the Beatles production company, Apple Corp, about the right to the very same name. Now, as the dispute has been resolved, music lovers from all over the world can access the Beatles delicate music via Itunes Store. Check the Beatles whole catalogue here

We celebrate this big moment by doing the same thing with Brasilicum. The album is now available for download in Itunes Store and also in another big internet store; Enjoy the music!

Erici at Abbey Road Studio in London. This is where the Beatles recorded their hit albums. The album "Abbey Road" has a classic cover photo with the Beatles members walking the pedestrian crossing next to the studio. The very same crossing is shown in the top image. Photos: Chris Groom & Heloisa Feichas.

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